Jovita Laurušaitė

A.1.Month of April-front (th-10)
B.1.Blossoming-front (th-10)
C.1.Ripe Apples-front (th-10)
D.1.Spring-front (th-15)
E.1.Red Dog-front (th-10)
F.1.With Handles-front (th-15)
G.1.Urban Motif I-front (th-10)
H.1.Urban Motif II-front (th-20)
I.1.Urban Motif III-front (th-20)

New Work

Month of April


Ripe Apples


Red Dog

With Handles

Urban Motif I

Urban Motif II

Urban Motif III

Urban Motif IV

J.1.Urban Motif IV-front (th-25)

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