Jovita Laurušaitė

Ceramic Artist

Jovita Laurušaitė lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. She studied ceramic arts at the Vilnius Art Institute.  Her work has been exhibited throughout Lithuania, as well as in Finland, Estonia, England, and the United States.  She participates in international symposia for ceramic artists.

     “Vases in the shape of the female figure are my favourite.  I usually begin with wheel-thrown pieces. After putting the pieces together, altering and making each one look like a figure, I then have the surface of the vessel to cover with reliefs, hand painted pictures and patterns. Seeking an expressive and new silhouette in each vase, along with its decoration – that’s what makes each piece unique and important for me.” 
                                               --  Jovita


Big House


From the Teapot series. Height 20-24 cm.

Lady with a Deer
 Height 36 cm


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Her technique relies on white clay that is wheel-thrown and altered, then hand-painted with oxide and pigment and fired at 1040 C.

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